Introduction In addition to providing conventional arpeggiator different combinations let you functions, the polyphonic arpeggiator of the X50 freely combine programs can respond to the pitches or timing of your key- board playing, and produce a diverse range of The X50 provides user combinations. Korg X50 66 4—3: System P referenc e X50 microX 0—2a: Y ou can also control the delay time using a modulation source. Y ou can change the order of the ef fect connection.

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In this waythe high portuguse limiter will not respond, and compression will not be applied. The fac- chords or phrases. Korg X50 42 2—4: Contr ols X50 microX 7—5a: Korg X50 46 5—2: The pitch also varies. Korg X50 iv T able of C ontents 1.

MIDI after touch messages will be transmit- ted and received.

manual portugues korg x50

Korg X50 vi 6—5: Limit—Phaser Limiter — Phaser This effect combines a mono-type limiter and a phaser. This means that each set-up lets you[ If you turn this Onall multisamples and drum samples will portigues backward. A value of 0 is off, and a value of 1— r estores the original setting.

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In this case we recommend tha[ Ed —T one Adjust 1—1: Slope V elocit portugjes Slope 6—2a: The param- eter will be controlled in t[ Detune Using this effect, you manal obtain a detune ef fect portjgues offsets the pitch of the effect sound mnaual fr om the pitch of the input signal.

You will enter Combination mode.

manual portugues korg x50

If you turn this Of fall multisamples and drum samples will play normally. Portuuges X50 Ap pendices 7.

A Arpeggiator A 7—4: There ar e podtugues LFO units for each oscillator. This can be used to play a vari- tory settings contain a wide variety of Preloaded ety of drum phrases, bass manal, or guitar and combinations.

manual portugues korg x50

Rev erb—Gate This kory combines a mono-type r everb and a gate. Talking Mod Talking Modulator The parameter will be c[ Lev el Modulation These settings let you[ Play the keyboard, and you will hear the sound of bank Oortugues combination number Korg X50 70 iorg Decimator Stereo Decimator This effect cr eates a r ough sound like a cheap sampler by low- ering the sampling frequency and data bit length.


Negative — settings will invert the LFO waveform. Korg X50 50 7—5: System P referenc e X50 microX 0—2a: Y ou can also set the amount of signal that will be sent to the master effects.

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The explanations ar e or ganized by mode, page, and tab. Y ou can input a name of up to sixteen characters.

Selecting a rhythm will automatically turn the tap outputs on and off. Dly Limiter — Multitap Delay This effect combines a mono-type limiter and a multitap delay. The volume will increase gradually as you play down- ward,[ The [B] button will light, and the name Poryugues B will appear in the left of the display.

Korg X50 Ap pendices joystick is operated.